Future Driven


Despite the extensive economic and population growth in our city, there are so many families who are being left behind. The economic disparities in our communities, especially those facing economic adversity highlights our city’s lack of investment and planning. As a champion of the labor movement, I understand the struggles of our hardworking middle-class families and I want to work every day to ensure they have a seat at the table. I will fight for every Houstonian, regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. I intend to champion progressive policies that will empower our families. I will work hard to inspire our children to become the next great Houston engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and inventors by furthering access to STEM and other enrichment programs in our classrooms and paving the way for a brighter future.

Flood Control


We have experienced three 500- year floods in the span of just three years. I openly acknowledge that climate change is a very real and present danger. With District J being one of the most flood prone districts in the county, its impacts of our new climate dangers will have a devastating affect on our district. Sitting right on the watershed for Brays Bayou, it is imperative for the wellbeing and safety of the 180,000 people living in District J that their concerns over flooding are taken seriously. I will also be vocal in demanding that the city council actually adopt a greater role in drainage and flood mitigation rather than consistently deferring to the county and placing our communities at direct risk of property loss.For far too long, our community has taken a back seat in policy decisions, due to poor leadership and the untamed influence of corporate interest money in our city. We must create a sustained community that will utilize available resources to withstand and recover from adverse disasters.




A community should be a place where people feel safe to live, work, and thrive. No family should live in fear of their child being a victim of crime while at school or going out to play, and business owners should feel their property is safe and protected. The uniqueness of District J allows for a greater innovation in community policing that both mitigate crime and promote the welfare and dignity of the residents of District J. I seek to empower the residents of District J to be leaders instead of bystanders and have a more active role in determining the dynamics of how HPD operates and engages in their neighborhoods. One of the most prominent issues regarding policing is the sheer level of diversity and it’s time that we embolden our communities to have voice and a greater role in how they are engaged by law enforcement. Rather than advocate for the policies that only further the over policing of our communities and not only wastes valuable resources, but also drives debilitating divides between residents and officers, I support pin-point policing where more focus is given on specific areas with the greatest frequencies of crimes. I intend to place more resources into after school and civic engagement programs, which will proactively prevent our children from becoming involved with negative influences. This will lead them to develop a greater level of pride in their community. I will work closely with ex-offenders by introducing a rehabilitation board that offers ex-offenders access to local programs and work council groups. This will empower them and their families and ensure that they can adopt a more positive role in the direction of the community.

Affordable Housing

I understand the difficulties many families in our community face with the affordability of housing. 

Our city must push for more availability of housing and pilot land trusts to offer residents alternative options. No tenant deserves to live in conditions that are not conducive to the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families. I unequivocally believe in holding landlords accountable for substandard tenant living conditions.